Friday, March 19, 2010

Freezer Paper Stenciling

(how about those two adorable teeth?!?!)
I finally got my sewing machine back and these pants were the first thing I whipped up.  I used this tutorial for making pants from an adult t-shirt.

I used my SU Three in One Hearts punch to make the stencils and paint them.  Three little hearts on the leg and a few on the tush too.

Sadly (as you can kinda tell from the photos) they're too small for Grace!  I crammed her into them for the pictures, but I'm just going to give it again.  Makes me a  bit sad cause I loved the pants!


Anonymous said...

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Mara... said...

these are super cute Gina!!!!

Melonie said...

Adorable and how cute is your model! Love this.

ellen s. said...

cuuuute! and so is she ;)