Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Here and Now in Regards to Parenting and Worship

That's where we live right?  In the Here and Now.  Last night in Bible study we talked a bit about how the Here and Now will never have true happiness or fulfillment...and the fact that God designed it that way!  We're too constantly be looking to the future, to our eternal future with HIM.  That's what's going to bring us true happiness and ultimate fulfillment. 

So...even though I KNOW that I should always be looking toward heaven, it's not always easy.  However I have found something that helps me "look to heaven" and still gives me some sense of accomplishment in the Here and Now too when it comes to training and discipline. 

I know I've talked before about how when I'm disciplining my daughter for something...for the seemingly 1000th time...that's not worth it.  Her good behavior isn't worth that much work.  It's just not.  However, if I think about the fact that by requiring her to obey (right away, all the way, with a happy heart) I'm readying her to quickly and cheerfully obey Christ which will give HER ultimate joy, that's worth it.  But then...honestly...there are days I can't even get that far in the future in my mind.  It's more like...I'm doing this...AGAIN...because it might make life easier for her someday if she is saved, and my flesh wants to win out and give up.  I can't see any progress...nothing is changing and that makes me want to quit. 

BUT, if I take my eyes off my sinful self, and even off my sinful daughter, and focus them on Christ (who is seated at the right hand of God in heaven) then I can see my training and discipline for what it really is.  It's worship.  It's just one more way I can show God, and all the people around me, that I love Him.  That I love him more than self, more than ease, more than my daughter's momentary happiness.  I'm worshiping Him by training and disciplining my children in the way He has called me too.  And that my friends, IS worth it.  It's worth it in the Here and Now AND it's worth it as I set my spiritual eyes on heaven. 


Virginia said...

Deep stuff, my friend. I love it. Something that (of course) we've been learning around here too.

Melina said...

As my children jump on and off the couch, of which I have told them to stop doing 1 million times, I sat and read your post. I'm a Minister's wife, this in no way makes me or my husband exempt from thoughts of "Lord, why are they not doing as I say?" :)
Thanks so much for posting this! It makes me know that we're not in this alone and other Christian people go through the same things we do!

Jessica said...

This was such an encouraging post! Such a great reminder to keep our eyes focused on what really matters.

Carol A said...

My darling daughter...It may seem hopeless and that there is no effect in the here and now, but don't give up...there IS an effect in the HERE AND NOW! I love my darling, sinful granddaughter and I can see what a willful, stubborn heart she has, but I can also see it being trained in godliness. If you don't believe me, just look around an average group of 3 year olds! Sit in on Cubbies next week! I love you! You are doing a great job with an uphill battle! Don't give up! It will be worth it all...when we see HIM!!! Our job is to be obedient in everything He asks of us...regardless of how we view the results. Leave the results to HIM!

beckyjune said...

You are so right, Gina, and it's something we need to remind ourselves of every single day. It is hard but it's SO worth it.