Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Amazing Caped Kids!

This morning we finally had a non-icky day to go outside and take pictures of the capes I made the kids play.  

When I asked Kessa if she wanted a cape she said, "Yes!  A princess one."  Little did I know that meant DISNEY in licensed fabric.  But we had a good coupon so we splurged.  I got the template for the crown from here.  

I was super lucky to find this great pink satin in the remnants!  All the polka dots are felt. 

I know it's blurry, but I LOVE, love love love, LOVE this picture!!

Zeke's only request was that his was orange.  

He's not as fond of being "Super Zeke!" as he is of being

a knight.  Yup, that's right ladies, eat your hearts out, my little guy would rather be a knight that anything else!

For a change today Kessa let me take more pictures of her (and wanted me to!) than Zeke.  Most of his pictures today he was already half out of the frame.

and just for kicks, if you were wondering where Kessa learned to jump like that...


Carol A said...

Love me a knight in frog boots!!! Also Princess K riding away on her valiant steed!!! So cute. Love the pics! But just who took the pic of you jumping?!!! I think you must have had the aid of a tripod and timer!!!

Adrienne Pierce said...

They are just the cutest!!! LOVE those capes!!! I might just have to get you to make me some!

Kirsten said...

oh my gosh, these are hilarious! good work Gina!!

Laura - Layers of Color said...

Hi Gina! I totally LOVE your antique book blog art!! Very cool!

Look at those heros! How wonderful! When my four were little I loved to make costumes for them! I would also go to the after Halloween sales and pick up fun hats, wigs and silly accessories for their dress up trunk.

Some of the homemade dress-ups are being saved for the day I'm a grandma, like Maxine! My eldest daughter and her hubby are waiting on the Lord's great timing to be parents. Today they are moving from Florida to Washington to be within 2 hours of us! What a joy to have the children near!

God bless your sweet family Gina!

Melina said...

love your pics Gina! Your kids are beautiful! :D and you are soooooo crafty!

Rebecca said...

What lucky kids to have such a crafty mama making them the cutest and coolest capes ever!