Monday, January 17, 2011

Proof Of Life pt.2

This book is supposed to be a "field journal" of sorts.  I plan to keep it with me as I go throughout each day and jot things down in it...things the kids say, quotes, what we had for breakfast, just general things about the day.  

I also want to fill it with ephemera.  Transitory things that represent the here and now.  Things like this scrap of fabric from a doll hoodie I made, or this produce price tag I found on my 1 year old's jammies.  These the some of the snippets of life that I plan to save.  

The quote at the bottom of the page I stumbled across last night as I was researching curriculum for school for my daughter next year.  

I love the way the transparencies look...not sure if I'll leave them as is or do something with them yet.

This page I wrote on yesterday with the first thing I could find...which happened to be a marker the same color as the page.  But it's up there.  A reminder of how God protected us yesterday when the space heater caught on fire...and burned itself out...with none of us knowing about it.  

Then today I added in the masking tape cross and story of what my kids were doing (which I'm praying they won't be struck down for!  lol)  

So that's what I've got so far...just a tiny sample of what I'm hoping to do with this little book.  Feel free to ask if you've got any questions!

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gssfam said...

Hey girl! LOVE your blog and album! I have added you to my follow list! :D I also LOVE the cross you made with the masking tape! just absolutely LOVE!