Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had a simple Dino party for my son's 3rd birthday.  Family and a few friends came over and we had homemade pizza, dinosaur cake and of course ice cream!

I used this recipe for the cake and then changed up a few things (like using plastic dinosaurs so he could keep them and play with them and using pretzels for the tree trunks.)  

Then taking a cue from Virginia I used my new Silhouette to cut out some dinosaurs from vinyl and put them on some "grab and go" sippies.  (I even added bows to the dinos for the girls!  lol)  

and then because I'm addicted to my new toy I made a little banner too.  

I just *love* when they learn to do this (please note the sarcastic tone with which that was typed!)

There!  That's better.  We kept his birthday shirt simple this year because I found this perfect dino shirt that already fit him.  I figured, why mess with a good thing?  So I just slapped a three on there and he's one happy boy!  (except when it's in the laundry!  lol)

Yup, he's got the whole "CHEEEEESSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE" thing down!  lol

*trying* to blow out the candles...(and yes, that would be my preggo belly back there!  lol, not sure who took this picture)

   Yup, I think this picture is proof positive that I done good!  ;)  


Kirsten said...

love love love it!

Canadian Kristin said...

Good job Gina! Are you expecting #4? If so, very exciting!!!

Love that you decorated those sippy cups, such a little touch adds such big feeling of party fun!

Jessica said...

The kids had a blast at that party! Anna requests her dinosaur cup everyday!:-)

Carol A said...

Why, I can't believe that you didn't know that your dear ole momma took that pic of your prego belly!!! LOL!