Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 LOs of 2010

Yup, it's been MONTHS.  And Yup, I'm back!  I've missed scrapping too much...not to mention I just LOVE doing this post at the end of every year.  It's so much fun to look back over all my LOs from a year and see what's happened, how I've recorded it, how my style has evolved...and hey, picking 10 favorites this year should be easier than normal since I haven't scrapped in so long right?  lol ;)

SO....without further no particular favorite 10 LOs from 2010 (minus one or two that may or may not be getting publish... *squeak!*)

First up, this picture just kills me.  Melts my heart.  LOVE it.  And Lily Bee?  Um...always a winner in my book!  

These pictures of Zeke are just too sweet...AND he's wearing the first hoodie I ever made him.  This shirt may be partially responsible for my business (and subsequent lack of scrapping due to time management issues! hehe!)

This isn't my typical style, and I also rarely have LOs with all of the kids on one LO but I just love it.  The pictures are from our Christmas card in 2009 and are also some of the first really good pictures I ever took of our kids (well...Kessa and Zeke's anyway!  lol)

Another one of Zeke in a shirt I made him.  This shirt was actually the first thing I sewed really...and it gave me the confidence to know that I really could sew!  I can't remember where I got the idea for the black on black with the stars...I feel like I'm remembering kraft butterflies on a craft card? but I'm not sure.  Either way, LOVE them!

Glimmer mist.  Spatters.  Love.  *sigh*!  Was my baby really that small such a short time ago?  

Another one of Grace.  The journaling on this one was really special and meant a lot to me.  Also LOVE the papers and the black and white photos.

Another one where the journaling means a lot to me.  I want to remember all of my kids' childhoods, not just the good.  I want to remember how God has used them to sanctify me, and part of that includes scrapping the struggles.  

Post Tenebras Lux - That's what I screen printed on all three of the kids Easter outfits.  After Darkness Light.  Isn't He good?!?!

I wasn't sure what to do with this map paper when I got it, but I knew I loved it and this LO just kinda came together.  

One big thing I noticed when I was going through and picking these out...I love me some neutrals with a few pops of color!  lol.  Seems to be a theme.  

Anyway...I have some fun stuff from Zeke's 3rd birthday party that I'll be sharing tomorrow.  Welcome back!!!

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