Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moving and More

Moving is always fun, right?  So having three kids and being pregnant with number four makes it four times as fun!  lol.  Really it's not bad at all...except I feel like a bad mom and like I'm neglecting them as they sit around and watch PBS and I pack.
But WHY do I feel guilty?

Is it really because watching a lot of tv for one or two days is going to ruin them for life?
Is it because they're learning things I don't want them to learn?
Is it because there are things they could be doing that are better for them?

Because those would all be good reasons...but I'm fairly certain I just feel guilty about it because somewhere along the way I've picked up the idea that "good" moms, "godly" moms, don't let their kids watch tv hardly ever. Now, don't get me wrong.  I think that TV should be VERY limited...because they could be playing, interacting with each other, using their imaginations, and so much more, but I also have to remind myself that sometimes, especially at this stage in life, I have to let go of the expectations of perfect, or even ideal for that matter.

God is gracious and I'm pretty sure that a few days like this every now and then aren't going to permanently hurt my children.  And if you think they will...well....please don't leave me a comment saying so!  lol ;)


Canadian Kristin said...

Hi Gina!
Pregnant with #4!?! So fun!!! As a Momma-of-four four years ahead of you I have to say that my 'number of allowable tv watching hours per day' has definitely increased. As you have seen, sometimes it's a useful tool in the Mom's toolbox. I am glad to hear that you have released yourself to try something new and see how it works for you! Being flexible is what being Mom is often all about! :-)
(Are you still on the SCS scrap challenge... I need to get back onto it, I've been teaching myself to quilt cuz I misplaced my scrappy mojo somewhere along the way!)

Jessica said...

LOL we are so much alike(and not just b/c we're both crazy enough to have 4 kids within 4 years of eachother!) I totally get where you're coming from, but just remember this is just a temporary season, and at least PBS is educational, right? ;)