Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zeke's Room (still a WIP)

So here are some "before" pictures...(as in RIGHT before.  My mom and MIL were getting ready to crack open the paint and start in when I snapped these.)

And the other side of the room...

here are some not very good pictures of what it looks like now.  

We left the ceiling white and painted the walls Silver Sword.  Zeke's bed is half of the bunk beds he and Kessa used to share.  I sanded it down and then painted it with a glossy black.  I LOVE the way it turned out!  

My mom made his quilt for him several years back.  I designed it based on an Elsie Flannigan print that's no longer available.    

Then, last December when I was looking through the Water4Christmas Etsy shop I stumbled across this designer.  She only had girl prints, but I loved her style and the idea and I'd been wanting some artwork with Ezekiel 36:26 on it for Zeke's room so I contacted her and she did a custom print for me, which turned out AMAZING!!!  
I sent her a picture of Ezekiel and a picture of his quilt and asked if she could come up with something.  The map on the print...just like the map on his quilt.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE what she came up with.  (and she is selling them in her shop now too if you think your little guy needs one.  ;)

Then about a month ago I found a free download for this great vintage style Cars 2 movie posters.  They were just what I was going for as far as getting some "Cars" style into his room without being too themey.  I printed them out at home and then framed them and hung them up with Command strips (those things are great!)

And next to his closet (which is the kids FAVORITE spot in our house!  lol, it's like a little cave and the perfect size for them to play in.) I hung up some licence plates.  I'm hoping to continue adding to this collection (if you've got any you'd be willing to donate I'm willing to pay shipping! lol )

and in the poor neglected corner by the door is Baby No Name's bed.  

Things that I'm still planning to do:
  • Find a dresser that I can put a changing pad on top of
  • Make curtains
  • do a vinyl cutout on my Silhouette of either Proverbs 8:33 or Proverbs 19:20
  • Find/make a laundry hamper
So that's it!  The pictures aren't great, but I really love the way it looks IRL.  


Jackie said...

I LOVE room and all of your special touches! The wall color looks great and so does the bed. I love that the blue in the print matches the blue in the quilt.

Kate said...

I really like the shape of the room. I would have loved that at that age!

Jessica said...

That looks great, Gina! I especially love the wall color and license plates..if I still have any old ones I'll let you know!

Alex said...

Love it! The license plate feature is cool. (it took me a little bit to figure out what WIP meant lol)