Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Month

Wow, I'm not sure how it happened already, but on the 28th Zane turned one month old!  I'm a few days late posting the pictures, but here he all his cuteness...on the one month mark!

And just to show you that cool really is in the genes...his hair did this naturally.  Love it!  lol

I know...cuteness overload.  ;)  


Deanna said...

He's just precious Gina! and I love that blanket he's on, which I'm sure you made. ;) :D

Canadian Kristin said...

He is absolutely beautiful! Well done, Momma!!!

Virginia said...

He is cute, cute, cute. Kind of makes me want another one. Don't tell anyone I said that. ;)

Amarilys said...

your bundle of joy is ADORABLE!