Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wedding Day 4.0

Yesterday my husband's sister got married.  Outside.  On the hottest day of the year (so far. ;)

This was what our dining room floor looked like on Friday night...four cute (and cool!) little outfits laid out and ready to go.  

I didn't take many pictures because I was busy nursing a baby, chasing toddlers, talking to cousins, calming fits and doing all the other things mommy's with four small children do!  lol.  However during the actual ceremony I did snag a few pictures of my girls (Tim and Zeke were sitting a few chairs away.)  

I'm not really sure when she started looking so grown up, but I do think getting her hair cut so much on Wednesday factors in.  She's going to be FIVE in two months.  FIVE!  Has it really only been five years since I had no children?  Sometimes I hardly remember those days!  lol.  Each time is good...the time before them with just Tim and I was good, and now the time with them is fabulous too.  Tiring...but fabulous!  

Don't they look adorable together?!  It's funny how different they look...but how similar their personalities are!

This is little Miss Spunk.  Vim and Vigor.  And most of all.  NO! I Do It Myself!!! ;)

(purely coinsidense that her dress and the cup match!  lol)

And that's it.  It was hot.  We all sweated a lot.  But the wedding was wonderful and Tim's sister is all married off.  

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Virginia said...

They are the cutest, Gina. And I love the picture of all the clothes laid out, 1. because it's adorable and 2. because it's VERY familiar looking! :)