Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zane's 2! (and More KCW!)

Ok, so Friday and Saturday were days 5 and 6 of Kids Clothes Week and I made Zane's birthday shirt on day 5 (I used Lil' Blue Boo's Hoodie pattern and modified it for this top.)

And then on Saturday (like, really early Saturday I went to bed for Friday early) I whipped up some lounge pants with some awesome Hot Wheels Fabric using the most basic option on Made By Rae's Parsley Pants (I can't WAIT to make some of the other versions!) and a simple raglan top to match.

And because who doesn't love a kid blowing out candles?!?!

Happy 2nd Birthday ZaneBot!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Kids Clothes Week!

Well, days 3 and 4 and now day 5 of Kids Clothes Week are over.

On Day Three I finished up a pair of Petunia Petal Pants for Miss Grace.  I made these to match a peasant top I made her that she decided she didn't like the "hands" of (for those of you not in the know that means the sleeves.)  She told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't like it and wanted me to sell it.  So I did.  Without getting a decent picture of it.  Boo!  But anyway, here are the totally adorable pants along with the top that I made on Day Four.  I also added a ruffle to a previously made dress that a customer wanted a little more length on (but that wasn't for my kids so it didn't count.)

Day Four I made a Juliette Dress for the shop and also a Juliette Top (the one Grace is wearing) that I intended to sell, but it didn't sell right away so girlfriend up there is keeping it.  

and the back...

And finally, today is Day Five!  And TODAY I made myself face the fact that my baby is turning 2 on Sunday.  TWO people!!!  TWO!  This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but just think about the fact that I've never had a child turn even ONE without already being pregnant.  Knowing he's the LAST one makes everything a little more bitter sweet, but it also makes me cherish the moments more.

So, while I was facing facts I made him a birthday shirt.  

And I'll share it tomorrow.  ;)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Checking In

Day 2 of Kid's Clothes Week is done!  I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but I still met all my challenges and I was productive.

Today I made Grace a simple peasant dress.  Sadly I have next to nothing in the way of woven fabrics so while I was able to make the sleeves from a contrasting fabric I didn't have enough of anything else that matched to do the ruffle or a sash.  Soo...hoping to find something in the near future and do those but in the meantime I just did a rolled hem on the bottom edge and I have some cute leggings cut to go with it so she can still wear it.

I also got a TON (but only half of the 2 tons I've ordered) of new knits in today so I spent lots of time pre-washing them and just generally drooling over their yumminess.

THEN I cut out a new shirt pattern in both Zeke and Zane's sizes and used some of my fantastic new knit (that Zeke actually saw on the computer while I was shopping and requested) to cut them out.  But it's bedtime.  So tomorrow I'm hoping to sew up Grace's leggings and Zeke and Zane's shirts.  I think I also will have some customer items I need to work on by then. So, that's it!  I'll leave you with a picture of the mess I made while assembling/cutting the new patterns.  Thanks for dropping by!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kid's Clothes Week - Day 1

I'm back!  At least for a week.  ;)  And with such a great new post title too huh?  lol.  I know.  I rock.

Anyway, 4 times a year a bunch of ladies in the interweb get together and do a challenge called Kid's Clothing Week.  Now, the actual challenge is to do some type of sewing related activity for at least an hour for 7 days in a row (today is day one for the Spring challenge.)

However, since I sew for children all the time, and typically more than an hour a day, I've decided to challenge myself a little bit.  For me, for the next seven days, I want to sew for MY children for at least an hour a day.  I'm also challenging myself to use some of the patterns that I have and not buy any new ones (unless they're boy patterns because I only have like 2 of those.  lol)

SO, let's get this show on the road!  Today I finished up some tops for Grace and Kessa using CKC's Ruby's top pattern .  I also chopped off some old jeans and added a ruffle for Grace and I have some ready to do for Kessa but didn't get them done before I played the part of the good mom and took the crazies outside to play.

Kessa really gets into the modeling gig for me sometimes.  She's quite good at it when she wants to be!  lol

Grace you just have to catch when she's busy.  She won't stop moving if she knows you want to take her picture.

And finally....I saved the best for last.  

This picture cracks me up. This is my life (minus the almost 2 year old who was wandering around at the other end of the porch! ;) ) Zeke insisted that he needed in the picture too.  He was trying to look cool I think but I seemed to keep catching him when he just looked silly.  Grace is her typical goofball self...and Kessa.  Wow.  I'm not sure where my little girl went but this child doesn't look like my little 6 year old!

So, that's it for today!  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more fun stuff to share!!!  :)  

(I have no idea what the fabric is or where it's from.  My aunt gave it to me years ago and this is the first time I've used it.)