Monday, August 5, 2013

Leggings, leggings, leggings!

The Pattern Revolution blog is doing a review of several different legging patterns so I thought I'd throw up some pictures of my favorite ones and add my voice to the cacophony!

Petunia Petal Pants by LilyGiggle

I LOVE the Petunia Petal Pants.  The rise seems perfect, the ease and fit are great...they're a fast sew, and, let's be honest, those petals are TDF!  I think the only thing I could "complain" about with this pattern is that the lengths aren't always spot on for my girls.  I made the size 4 capri length for my daughter and they ended up more like cropped length.  But that's a no brainer for me...just use measurements.  Well worth it because the rest of the pattern ROCKS.  Looks cute as shorts, capris and pants!  

Ruffle Leggings by Jocole Patterns

This is another great legging pattern!  I think it fits just a teensy bit more slimly than the Petal Pants and I LOVE the size range it includes. has the doll size pattern!  That's a big seller around here.  It also has 3 different length options and has some good tips on using clear elastic for gathering your ruffles.  I also find that the rise is a bit high on my girls.  It's designed to hit around the actual waist so we usually just roll down the band once and then my girls are comfortable.

Overall, I think they're both great patterns....if I were only going to buy one I'd probably have to go with the Petal Pants because it's a lot easier to wing ruffles than it is to wing that petal shape!  lol.

Pattern Revolution is also reviewing Peek a Boo Pattern's Lollipop Leggings pattern but I don't have that one (it has a keyhole finish that's sorely tempting me though!)

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