Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ashley Skirt and Skort

 Wow, I was looking back over my blog posts today and I found this one that I started last summer and never finished or posted!  I tested the Ashley Skort and the Ashley Knit top, both from Funktional Threads, and they were a big hit with my little lady! 

The skirt pattern has options for a curved panel swirl skirt, a regular paneled skirt (the two version above) or a simple circle skirt.  All can be made as is or can be made into a skort with the included shorts pattern.  They feature a comfy and well fitting yoga waist as well!  

The Ashley Top has a ton of different options too (I mean really, who doesn't love options?!?!)  It has a lined hood (or it can be made without the hood or with a hood with a ruffle!), multiple sleeve options (including ruffle sleeves and sleeve "flounces") and it's great for upcycling! 

Both patterns come in sizes 2T-16 so you're sure to get your money's worth for them! 

And last but not least, here's a set I sold last summer with the paneled swirl skirt from this pattern.  The shorts and skirt pieces have two different length options and for this pair I chose the longer length shorts and added a ruffle and the shorter length skirt panels so that the shorts peek out from under the skirt. 

The top is also this Ashley Knit top pattern with the lined hood and the sleeve flounces.  

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Kara Orr said...

Love the LaLa Loopsy! Adorable!