Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Dress


I've had the pleasure of being on the testing team for the Spring Line of patterns over at My Little Plumcake.  Michelle's patterns and styles are very clean and classic.  I'm totally in love with the Canaan's Incredible Blazer pattern!  I've already bought it and have high hopes of getting at least one done for Easter for the boys.    But that was a total tangent.  lol!

Moving on... today we're going to talk Spring!  I tested out the new Spring dress in a size 4 for Grace.  She's totally in love with her "rainbow dress" as she calls it and has worn it a lot (despite the fact that it's FAR from spring here.  In fact we had to do photos inside because it was like 8 degrees outside and snowy!)  


The back has a cute squared off button and loop closure.  Instructions are included for making the loops from your fabric or using elastic cording (or you can get really crazy and use decorative elastic like I did.) 

The bodice has a really fun and unique design with the semi-circle surrounded by gathers.  In my version there are gathers around the semi-circle and also on both sides but in the final version Michelle has taken out the side gathers.

The dress is fully lined and even the inside is finished beautifully!   I will make it slightly longer if I make another one for Grace but besides that I love everything about it!

And just wait till you see the next pattern we tested for MLP!  It's sooo cute and has several versions so it's perfect for the "cute" crowd and the "in" crowd!