Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Handmade Everyday

As I was getting the kids all ready for rest time today I smiled noting some of their much loved and well worn mama-made clothing and it got me thinking.
We always post all these pretty polished pictures when we first make something...but what does our every-day look like?  I thought it might be fun to start posting some "keeping it real" everyday handmade kind of posts occasionally.
I snapped these pictures with my iPhone like 10 minutes ago so you'll pardon the quality but can I just say...welcome to our real life.  :)  

Zanebot getting ready to fall asleep with his MUCH loved kitty (that we affectionately call Pirate Kitty because he lost an eye long ago because he's so loved.)
Zane is wearing jeans from Crazy 8 and the Suburban Basics Tee from Terra's Treasures (inside out because he's 2 and wanted to do it himself.)  

Hi!!!  I'm next!  This is me in all my practically no makeup and hair in a bun SAHM glory.  ;)  The t-shirt I picked up at a yard sale, jeans from Maurices and the Swoon Patterns Scarf Neck Cardi (I LOVE this thing.  Like...a LOT.  I made the sleeves extra long and added thumb-holes too which makes me love it even  more.)  

Zeke is hanging out in his top bunk playing with his Transformers and he's sporting a Star Wars tee (picked up at a consignment shop...but maybe originally from Gap?) and some Metropolitan Pants (Terra's Treasures) that were upcycled from a pair of his dad's old jeans!  He wears this pants a LOT.  I'm not sure if it's the waistband (flat front, elastic back) or if the denim is just so worn they're more comfy but he loves them...and getting him in anything besides "swishy" pants or sweats is usually a battle so I consider this a huge win!  Oh, and up there in the upper left corner you can see part of his Pajama Eater that I made him for Christmas too.

Pickle is wearing a Toy Story shirt from Old Navy and some pants from Terra's Treasures that I can't show you yet because they're still in testing (but they're sooo cute!!!  Eep! )

And last but not least Miss Kessa has on some leggings made with the Jocole Ruffle Leggings Pattern.  She's also wearing a consignment store tulle skirt and Wonder Woman costume.  Earlier today she did have on a skirt from Funktional Threads...but every superhero needs a good petti skirt right?  lol!  (oh, and I just noticed, that amazing quilt she's laying on... made by my mom!

So, what do you think?  Should we make this a weekly thing and keep doing it?  What are you and your wearing today?  


mummyofkatie said...

My little one was in handmade - paris bebe skirt by Bubtique and Little Red Child hollie hobby tee. Mama was thrift store. Sums us up really....

mummyofkatie said...

My little one was in handmade - paris bebe skirt by Bubtique and Little Red Child hollie hobby tee. Mama was thrift store. Sums us up really....

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! It's my favorite thing to look at my kids and realize they're wearing mostly momma-made clothes :)

Irene - Sugaridoo said...

This is nice! Great to see that they really like your momma-made clothes. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Love this! I had to take Lily to the dr today, so my kids are actually wearing matching clothes for once(pretty sure the only time I ever tell the kids what to wear is when we're going somewhere.:) Jack did beg me to let him wear his "diamond" shirt though.

p.s. I love that you're blogging again! :)

kathy said...

This is a great idea. Would love to do it on my blog, too!