Friday, March 7, 2014

Monkey Leggings

When Terra posted the call for testers for the Monkey Leggings I'll be honest, I hesitated.  I think they're SUPER cute on babies (and they do only go up to a size 5T) but I just wasn't sure about them for older kids.  Zane wear's a 3T but he's out of diapers and I'm not sold on them for boys if they're not in diapers still.  After I hesitated for a few seconds though I signed up anyway!  I mean...Terra's Treasures patterns are ALWAYS awesome and even if they weren't something I thought she'd be wearing out of the house they'd be great for some fun lounge wear or even for wearing under dresses! 

And that bum still my upcycle loving heart!!!  *swoon*

Now, if you've been around long at all you won't be surprised to see that when I gave Grace a choice she picked Toy Story for her bum panel.  I cut out the pattern and got to work.  Seriously a fast sew!  Like...15 minutes flat fast sew probably.  There is a tapered fit and a "straight" leg fit.  They're both more fitted like leggings though.  This pattern has three pieces and BAM!  Done. 

We grabbed Jessie and went out for some photos... and the more photos I took...

The more I changed my mind about this pattern on older girls!  I love it!!!  I think it's totally adorable and fun for playing.  No restricted movement here!

The pattern has both full length and capri cut lines as well.  

Grace and Jessie both approve and I see more of these in our future!

Thanks for another great pattern Terra!  

Oh, and if you don't sew but want your own pair...keep an eye on facebook tomorrow because I think I'll be listing some Ready to Ship ones! 

And one last one lest you think she really doesn't have any eyes... ;)

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