Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Style

Oh yes I did!  I'm so very fashion forward that I'm wearing Lil' Mismatched socks, plaid Chucks (these were a gift from my SIL YEARS ago).... And a BabyFish double ruffle maxi skirt.  That's right.  Try not to be jealous of my awesome sense of style!  

(In my defense the maxi really is a true maxi and you can't see my shoes when I'm not all kicked back!  ;)

And let's be honest... These maxis are so darn comfy you want to wear them all the time!  Kirsten says they're so amazing they're like wearing socially acceptable yoga pants!  

I don't have any good pictures of this particular double ruffle maxi (which is sad because it's my favorite) but how about a fun picture from last summer of my girls and I all wearing our regular, no ruffle, maxis? 

(and if you want your own maxi skirt feel free to drop me a line!)

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