Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Home has Grown by Four Feet

Well, four paws might be more accurate.

Meet Si.  Si is our new Beagle (mix?) and he's officially been with us for a week now.

He's still a pup at 6 months old (in fact I had to stop typing just now to wrestle a Styrofoam plate from his mouth.)

I know a lot of people thought we were out of our ever lovin' minds to get a dog (you have four kids, the youngest is only two, and you want a dog?!?!) so I thought it would be fun to share how it all went down.  

We saw a friend post share a post from the family looking for a new home for him and Tim and I both fell in love.  We joked about getting him for my birthday but then did nothing.  He was adorable, already fixed, housebroken and crate trained, he'd be snatched up in no time!  

Then we saw him again about 4 days later still there.  So we called about him.  Turns out his previous owners had bought Si's mom as a hunting dog not knowing she was pregnant.  She had a litter of 5 or 6 pups and all of them but Si died.  They bottle fed him around the clock from 2 days old.  He went everywhere with them.  The mom of the family was a vet tech so he even went to work with her every day.  Now they didn't want to give him up but felt like they were just too busy to give him the time and attention he needed as he got older.  They both worked, kids were in school and sports and life was just busy. 

He loves naptime with Zane!  

And he's currently playing out in the snow with Kessa and Zeke.  

He loves that we're home most of the time.  Yesterday when we went to church and then out for lunch was probably the longest we've left him and he let us know about it when we got home!  lol

He's adjusted to our crazy crew well and we're loving being Beagle owners again!

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