Wednesday, April 30, 2014

EYMM's California Dress

Kymy from Everything Your Mama Made and More has done it again!  Another awesome, totally trendy pattern that is fast and easy!!!  Woohoo!!!

I'm not kidding ya'll.  Her patterns are usually super fast and easy but are QUICKLY becoming the majority of my older daughter's wardrobe.

The California is part of the Bundle Up  promotion right now but I think it will be available to purchase on it's own in a week or two.  

The front and back of this dress are reversible (unless you choose to do the High Low hemline like I did on Kessa's) OR you can use two scoop pieces or two of the faux halters.  Both sides look super cute!

This style looks uber cute with a belt too but Kessa doesn't have any (yet!  lol)

There are options for maxi length (with or without the high low hemline), knee length or peplum.

Kessa loves the long version (and has even requested another one that's closer to floor sweeping length) but I think she needs some of the peplum versions for every day too.

OH!  And one last little tid-bit...I haven't tried it yet but I'm 99% sure you could use woven for the front and back of this and just use knit for the bindings and neck strap.  I'm going to try it today if I get some of my customs finished up!
AND...keep an eye out for the Ladies California coming very soon!!!  Yesterday was our testing deadline for it and I LOVE IT!!!  

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