Monday, April 21, 2014

Upcycle Dress Review

So, if you know me at all you know I LOVE upcycling.'s my business.  ;)  I've used a lot of different patterns and I love finding new styles to try.  When Stacey asked me to test her new upcycle dress I jumped at the chance!

Then...once we actually started just got better.  This pattern has SOOO many options ya'll!!

Let's start with the dress - instructions for piecing it, in case you aren't confident doing that yourself, can be done with a short peplum, a long skirt, two layered skirts or a paneled skirt over a long skirt!  It has a drop waist and a slimmer fit setting it apart from most other upcycle patterns.  It also has long sleeves, short sleeves, layered sleeves and sleeveless!  


I did the paneled skirt over the long skirt on this dress along with the short sleeve option (because it's FINALLY starting to feel like spring here in Southern IL!)

And then....I did the sleeveless version.  In a dress with just the long skirt for Grace and in the shirt for Kessa.  I'm not kidding when I say the fit is perfect!  I didn't adjust anything and I'm usually adjusting stuff left and right on patterns!

 But wait!  There's more!!!  More you say?  Yes more!!!  lol (do I sound like an infomercial now?)

In addition to the dress with all it's options, and leaving off the skirt and just making a top, there are also instructions for making just a skirt!  With this skirt again, you can do one layer, two layers, a paneled top layer and solid lower layer, a whole paneled layer, AND ruffles!  And did I mention the twirl factor?  Clearly a hit for the spinning crowd (and I'm not talking exercise bikes!  lol)

In these pictures Kessa is wearing the top and skirt with a 4 panel top and bottom skirt and a ruffle.  

Outtake anyone?  She's wearing a store bought tank and the skirt below...

 And here she's wearing just the shirt with jeans.  I LOVE the way this set mixes and matches and I really love the length and fit of the shirt.  Kessa's getting out of dresses so much but I love being able to make her shirts that aren't TOO tight but aren't big and baggy either...and that cover her if she bends over!  lol

And one last one...the skirt with a tank again.  

This pattern is great!  So thorough and SOOO many options!  AND, Stacey is having a naming contest in her group right now.  Head on over and enter for a chance to win the pattern for free!!!  It will be released later this week.  

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