Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Parisian Nights PJs

One of my favorite designers that I test for frequently messaged me a while back and said she had given my name to a new designer looking for someone to test a ladies XL pattern.  I said I was in!  I'm always a fan of testing ladies patterns because it means I HAVE to sew for myself!

Turns out...the "new" designer was Suzanne Winter, the woman behind Winter Wear, who is always making AMAZING clothes and doing reviews over on Pattern Revolution.  She has amazing style so I was super excited to get to test for her!

Her first pattern is available for FREE when you purchase some patterns from the Ladies Bundle Up sale.

So...I got the pattern, whipped up a pair of XL Parisian Nights Pjs (great directions, super fast to sew up, easy and cute!!!)  and then... I tried them on and....they were pretty big and baggy.  Not very flattering....comfy but.....big.

Suzanne asked me to double check my measurements and low and behold....even though I've lost very little weight I HAVE lost some inches since I started THM and working out and I should have made a Large!!!!  I'm counting that as a win!

Now, more about this great pattern...see that contrast yoke on the top?  That can be made with stretch lace and it's SOOO cute!  I was very dissapointed that I didn't have any lace + knit combos that matched but I still like it with just a contrasting knit.  And another secret...soooo comfy!  

Just ignore the photobombing dog.  These pictures are all courtesy of my 7 year old....I think she did pretty darn good!

So....if you and get some patterns from the Bundle Up sale!  It ends the 27th.  I wasn't really even tempted to get anything in the last Bundle Up but this one has me scrambling to come up with some extra money to get the ones I want because it's SUCH a good deal!!!!

(and there will definitely be more of these pjs in the right size in my future!)

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Amy said...

These look great Gina! And congrats on the lost inches :) I can't wait to make some for myself!