Friday, June 27, 2014


I've talked a bit about Crafting Con already and you can see some pictures of the kids together here, but I thought it would be fun to do a post on each house/outfit that I did.  I figured we'd just go in order of my kiddos' ages which means that we'll be starting with Miss K.  She's a Ravenclaw and her outfit was the first I made.  (Also, just overlook the less than stellar smiles...she was suffering greatly with ichy and hurting bug bites. )

After the photoshoot I thought of a few more things (well, really just one) that I would have done differently, but overall I love the way it turned out!

I used the Amy Maxi skirt from Greenstyle Creations for the base of her outfit.  I spent two nights hand lettering the entire fabric I wanted to use with Harry Potter related words in somewhat of a Subway Art style.  I used a gold (because they didn't have bronze!  lol) paint pen to do all the writing.

Then, because I wanted to tone it down a bit, I put a gray layer of chiffon over it.   Also, if you give this a try you might want to remember that chiffon doesn't stretch and you might need to cut it a bit bigger.  Just sayin....  It's a good thing Kessa is skinny because I didn't think about that before I made hers and it still fits.  ;)  

The chiffon makes it really fun because you can see through it and see the words in some lights....

and in others you can sorta see it....  and then sometimes you can't see the words at all!!!  It's like....magic!  ;)  

For the top I FINALLY used the Shoreline Tank from Jocole Patterns in a lovely blue just perfect for a Ravenclaw.  Where did I find this oh so perfect knit you ask?  In my closet.  It was a 3/4 length v-neck top from Old Navy that I never wear!  Have I mentioned that I heart upcycling?  

I bought the pattern over a year ago on a half-off Wednesday and then just never made it.  Now that I have, I have plans for lots more.  I love it!  I think I'm going to need one or two too.  It's a super fast sew, even with the knit binding on the arms and chest.  Jodi does a great job of walking you through everything and I love the fit!  (This is the size 5 on my skinny almost 8 year old with a smidge of added length.)  

You can also choose to leave off the ruffles if those aren't your thing.  I'm not usually a ruffle girl but I really like them on this tank!  

And then...I cut a Ravenclaw crest from some gold sparkle heat transfer (because again, you can't get bronze!)  

I fought with my Silhouette a lot over this one and ended up cutting most of it by hand.  Thankfully I was able to save the a through w from some of the messed up cuts and didn't have to do all those tiny letters by hand!  

Be sure and come back tomorrow to see all the details of the Gryffindor outfit!  


JessiBerry said...

It looks great!

Amy said...

This is amazing Gina!! I love it! The skirt is incredible and I love the effect of the chiffon overlay. The tank is just darling!

Tanya said...

This is fantastic!! Love the words that disappear! :)
Is the maxi pattern super easy? My sewing experience is more like going around the edge of receiving blankets... but my very tall and thin daughter desperately wants a maxi skirt. To get the right length, the waist is at least 6 inches too big with anything in the stores...