Friday, July 18, 2014

Calla Lily Skort

Just in case I haven't mentioned my love for Kymy before (ya know, like here, here, or here, and so many others I haven't blogged!)  I'm going to do it again!  Kymy rocks.  Ya know WHY Kymy rocks?  Kymy rocks because she KEEPS coming up with super styles, super fun, super easy, super fast patterns that both my girls and I love!!  Almost all of Kymy's patterns come in girls and ladies sizing and the Calla Lily skirt is no different!  I bought the women's version during the Bundle Up event a while back but haven't gotten it made yet (it's coming soon though!) so when I got the opportunity to test the girls version I naturally had to jump all over it!   (sorry about the quality of the MLP outfits, they're cell shots while we were in Nashville.)

The girls and I went to My Little Pony Fair and Convention in Nashville last weekend so I used to opportunity to make them some new outfits.  The Calla Lily skort was perfect!  It's light and comfortable, it has built in shorts (no worrying about them being lady-like 100% of the time because if the skirt falls open...BAM! Shorts.  Score one for modesty! )

I used a lightweight knit for the skirt part.  It's slightly see-through so the fact that this is a skort made it even more perfect!  Their MLP tops are the Rio Racerback from Peek-A-Boo patterns that I modified to have a stretch-lace panel in the back).

Then after we got home I decided to try my hand at getting a t-shirt panel in this pattern and I love it.  I see lots of these in Kessa's future!  

All of the versions I've done of the Calla Lily skort so far are the Fishtail view but there is also a less dramatic option that's more of a regular high low (it doesn't come down as far in the back.)

 Lookie!  Shorts!!!

So, are you sold yet?  If not how about I tell you that they're on sale right now?!?!  Yup.  They are!  If you snag them here this weekend they're only $7.95!  AND...if you don't already have the ladies version you can buy the Ladies/Girls bundle at a 25%  discount!

And one last thing...if you're the first person to use my link to the EYMM shop that buys something you can use the code kt0tb9y9 for an additional 10% off!!!

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