Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Last but Not Least....Slytherin!!!

It's our final day of Harry Potter looks here at BabyFish Designs!!!  Thanks for sticking with me!  lol.  (If you missed the previous days you can see the Overview, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff in their respective posts.)

Zane is....busy.  That's the what people say about him.  That's really just a nice way of saying he's full of mischief and always into things.  That said, Slytherin seems to be a good fit for him!

I used the Streamline Tee (my favorite, go-to shirt pattern!) and the Metropolitan Pants, both from Terra's Treasures, for his Slytherin look.

The wording on the back I cut from a shirt that was his when he was baby that I've been hanging onto.  It's quite perfect for him.  And how about those Welt pockets?!?!  The directions in the Metropolitan pattern are so clear and easy to follow I've gotten a perfect pocket every time I've made them!  My older son has two pairs of pants from this pattern and this won't be the last for little guy either.  

They also have functional front pockets (and this photo of him on the run was the only one I got of them!  lol)

I made him a 4T and then put in a pretty big hem so that I'll be able to let it down and he can wear them all fall/winter (I did have to adjust the elastic down because he's skinny though).  I found this stretch bottom weight fabric at JoAnn's and just couldn't pass it up even though I hadn't been planning on making him pants for this look.  

He very politely asked for a cape to go with his shirt so I obliged (and let me tell you, the freezer paper stencil for this one had me questioning my sanity!  lol.  If you follow me on Instagram you saw my pain!  lol) 

I used skull fabric to put a faux tie on the front and a crest with an S on it on the sleeve to finish off the details of his shirt.  

I solemnly swear I am up to no go.... (I know Slytherin's shouldn't know that's just so fitting!  lol)

And Dumbledore sporting a look you've never seen before!  No beard or robes when he goes fishing!

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Amy said...

TOO cute! People refer to John as "busy", too - I totally understand that! I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your House looks this week!