Friday, August 15, 2014

Sale Alert!!!

Ok, so I don't usually post about sales and whatnot unless it's a new pattern I just tested and it just happens to be on sale.  Today though, I'm going to change that.  You see, Terra (Terra's Treasures) is having a Back to School Sale and it ends today.  So, why am I sharing about this one?  Because I flat out LOVE Terra's patterns.  A LOT.  As in, this is going to be a VERY photo heavy post and it's not even close to all that I've made with her patterns!  This post isn't sponsored or endorsed by Terra and I'm not an affiliate or anything.  I just big pink puffy heart love her and her patterns.    So, if you see something you can't live without you can use the code BACKTOSCHOOL for 30% (end today, 8/15).

 Moving on!  These are the Kenzington trousers.  In this pattern Terra taught me how to make and use piping and it's super easy and I love it!!  Seriously, how cute are those back pockets?!?!  Kessa is wearing less dresses and more pants lately so I see more of these in our future this fall.  (And that front yoke?  So cute!)  It's really the details that make Terra's patterns stand out from the crowd IMO.

The Mayfair has so many options and the finished product is amazing.  I LOVE the lace overlay and using a sheer for the sleeves?  *swoon*  (Obviously you don't HAVE to use a sheer for the sleeves)

And those spats?!?!  Seriously!!!  Above and beyond in the cuteness factor!

Terra isn't just about girl patterns though.  She has some AMAZING boy and unisex ones too!  These are probably my son's favorite pair of jeans ever.  I upcycled them from some of my husband's old ones.  These pants were my first time doing welt pockets and Terra makes it so easy!!!  

More Metropolitan pants and a Streamline tee too.  These were upcycled from a pair of men's dress pants and they're perfect for church and dressy occasions but still fun with the Star Wars flannel on the pockets.

The Streamline tee is my go-to raglan pattern.  The fit isn't big and boxy  like some patterns, the length isn't too short and it's a breeze to whip up.

The Monkey leggings are so cute for littles!  You can make faces on the bum, just use a different fabric, or throw in a t-shirt panel for fun.  I think these are an ADORABLE surprise worn under little dresses or skirts.  Grace wears hers to bed a lot too because they're so comfy.  

 (Streamline tee and Suburban Basics tee)

If I want a shirt with set in sleeves instead of raglan I always grab the Suburban Basics tee.  It has short sleeves and long faux layered sleeves (LOVE that look!!) and like all Terra's patterns it's got great instructions and a great fit!  Another fast sew too which is always a plus!

 Streamline Tee and Metropolitan Pants

(Suburban Basics tee)

And there are still more patterns that I've made but haven't talked about and even more than I haven't made yet!!!  Be sure to go check them all out!!!  The above is a collage of just SOME of the photos on my phone of clothes I've made with Terra's patterns.  Sooo...are you sold yet?  If not come back in a few days and you'll be able to see her newest pattern that will be released with the Boy Bundle's EPIC!!!!!  

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