Sunday, August 17, 2014

Turning 8...

Kessa turned 8 a few weeks ago.  She's grown and changed so much in the past year.  While she can still give me a run for my money some days I can see her trying.  I can see her striving, and often winning, the battle to control her emotions.

She's my girly girl for sure.  She picked out the shirt and style for her dress (she was very specific about the double sleeves with "bumpy" edges and THREE twirl skirts...ALL with ruffles.  Yes ma'am!)  One of her birthday presents this year was a sheet of Jamberry junior nails.   She LOVES them.  In fact, she's had them on for probably 2 weeks at this point and a few days ago one came off.  I was putting another one on for her and said, "Next time you loose one we should probably just go ahead and take them all off."  Her immediate response?  "And put new ones on, right?!?!?"  lol.  

She loves to read (she's been devouring every "Fairy" book she can get her hands on...and there are a TON of them.) She also likes to color and draw, "design" clothes (she goes through my scrap boxes and makes up outfits and accessories for her dolls, her siblings and herself.  Just tonight she styled up Grace with scraps, asked for my phone to take pictures, and then was telling me how some of them turned out really well but how the lighting in some of them was just awful and how Grace hadn't wanted to smile for some of them but that she HAD managed to get a few great shots.  hehehe!!!  Love it!)  She plays with her Loopsies a lot and the My Little Ponies and she's always making up games for all the kids to play together.  Her imagination is fantastic!

I can wait to see what the upcoming year brings for her and how God will work in her life and use her.  As always we continue to pray that He will soften her heart and save her and that we will always be able to know her heart.  That we would be more concerned with her motives than her behavior.

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Kirsten DeWitt said...

What a beautiful dress and an even more beautiful little girl. Raising her from the inside out Miss Gina. YOU are an inspiration for me as a mom. Kessa is blessed to have you and you are so blessed to have her too. I'm so happy to know you!