Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comfy and Cozy

If you remember (ya know, here, or here, or here, or here, or here - and those are just the ones I've actually BLOGGED!  There are tons more!) I'm a little fond of patterns from Terra...of Terra's Treasures.

I got to test out another winner of a pattern for her this week!  This one, The Andover Pullover and Jacket,  is fantastic because it can be made is almost any fabric you could wish!  Woven?  Check.  Knit?  Check.  Flannel?  Check.  Fleece?  Check.  Sweatshirting?  Check.

It's getting cold here so I chose to make Grace's up in fleece (I was working from my stash so the back and hood are a coordinating fleece).  The pattern can be made as a pull over with a lined or unlined hood, or as a fully lined jacket.  

I did the pullover version with the lined hood (I LOVE how she has you attach the lined hood too so all the seams are hidden but it's still super fast!)  Would you believe I actually tried NOT to use Toy Story stuff this time?  I only had enough fleece in purple for it though...and then I didn't have anything that went with the purple that Grace would like EXCEPT Toy Story!  lol.  Clearly...she didn't mind.  ;)  

This isn't a great shot of the top at all but I think Grace looks adorable in it so you get to see it anyway!  ;)  

The pattern goes from 6-12 months all the way up to a size 16!!! AND Terra's working on a ladies version!  So you can matching your little girly soon! lol.  

The button tab is a great way to add some accent fabric and use up those cute button, plus it helps hold the pleats where they should be and give the top such a great shape and flow to it.

And pockets!  What kid doesn't love pockets?!?!  

And now....I shall share how crazy she was yesterday morning as we tried to get pictures.  This is your reward for making it through the entire post.  You're welcome.  ;)

(cute belly isn't it??!  lol!!!)

I've got a few custom orders to sew up and then I'm DYING to make one for Kessa.  I have the perfect fabric for her and this top looks SOOO cute with skinny jeans and boots!

Ok, now, if you're sold and think you need the pattern to you can get it here - (it's on sale through Wednesday!)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Captain Comfy Jeans to the Rescue!!!!

Judy, from Patterns for Pirates, has done it again!  She's been teasing us with pre-test versions of these jeans that she'd made for her son for what seemed like months and I was DYING to try them because I knew my kids would love them!!!  

(I just adore how you can see tiny bits of Pirate Kitty in some of these photos!)

So, what's so special about the Cpt. Comfy Jeans you ask?  Well let me tell you!  In fact, let's just make a list shall we?  

  • basic straight leg pants pattern
  • sizes 3 months up through 14
  • can be lined
  • can be cut on the extended line and rolled so that your kiddos that grow up and not out can wear them longer!
  • knit waistband option
  • knit and jean waistband option
  • faux fly (that means my little dude doesn't need help getting them on and off!)
  • belt loop option
  • patch or slant pockets

On this first pair I used upcycled jeans, lined them with flannel, cut on the extended hem line and rolled them, did the jean and knit waistbands, and patch pockets.   

(if you're keeping count, that means all I had to pay for was the flannel I lined them with...and technically I just pulled it from my stash so I didn't have to buy anything new for these!)

This was an earlier version.  The final version his unders don't stick out the top at all.  He LOVES these jeans though.  They're soft and warm, the knit waistband is super comfy (and how cute does it look peeking up above the jeans waistband?!?!)  

Moving onto the 2nd pair I made him... again, these are upcycled, lined with flannel, knit and jean waistbands, no belt loops, but this time I did a traditional hem (in fact I kept the existing hem from the jeans I was upcycling!) and slant pockets.  

Judy walks you through everything step by step.  You can make these as simple or as in depth as you want.  I top stitched and lined and did everything but belt loops on both of my pairs so they were a bit more time intensive but I'm really happy with the results...and with the price!  lol

All the other kids have already told me that they want flannel lined jeans too!  (I mean, really, who wouldn't?!!?!?!)  

Oh, and if you buy the pattern by Saturday it's on sale!  $2 off.  It's already sale priced on Craftsy, or you can use the code NEWPATTERN for the $2 off on Etsy (here.)