Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ain't No Party...

Like a Time Lord Party!!!  Am I right?  This month's theme over at Crafting Con is Doctor Who!!!  Could I be more thrilled?  Ummm...I'm pretty sure I couldn't.  I just wish I had all the time in the world to sew all these great ideas!  (And money to buy more fabric too!  :p )

So, I have plans for at least one thing for the sew a long but I thought for now it would be fun to just post some of the Doctor Who things I've made the past year.  Most of these were customs so there aren't modeled pictures (my girls don't like Doctor Who.  *sniff*  but my boys do!!!  So I'll be sewing for them this month.)

This one is actually MINE!!!  I used Patterns for Pirates Boyfriend Tee V-neck pattern with some of this great My Little Dalek fabric. 

Upcycled hoodie for a little dude that got to go to the Doctor Who experience over in Great Britain this past February.  

Doctor Who pillow cases (oh how I wish these were mine!  I may have to make myself one...)

Cute little upcycled bubble tunic

Upcycled top using Funktional Threads pattern (did I mention that Kessa doesn't like Doctor Who?  She was just modeling the top for me.  Silly girl doesn't know what's good!  ;) )

And a fun upcycled Town Square dress (from Terra's Treasures).  Now that I see these all together I REALLY want to get my sew on!  Guess I better get my "have to" stuff out of the way so I can get on with my fun sewing!!!  

Be sure and stop by Friends Stitched Together and see all the great contestant entries and guest posts!  

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