Friday, January 2, 2015

Reading for 2015

Hey hey!  This post is mostly for me, but if you love reading you might like it too.

I set my Good Reads challenge at reading 36 books this year.  That's just 3 a month.  Totally doable I think.  So now I want to make a list of some of the other challenges I hope to complete this year in regards to reading...and maybe list some of the books I want to read.

First off I'm trying to read all the books on this list (not this year, just as a general goal.)  So I want to make sure I read several off this as some of my books this year.

I also want to make sure I have at least one spiritually enriching book going all the time.  (One a month would be good, but I'm not going to set that as a goal in case I get one that's good but so deep it needs read most slowly.)

Now I also want to try and incorporate this challenge from Bringing Up Burns into the books I read this year.
(Except I don't think I can do number 19...I'm pretty sure I read everything I was supposed to read.  Reading was NOT a problem even in school.  lol)  

So far this year I've read The Clockwork Princess and I'm in the middle of Hidden Wings (a friend suggested it and it was free through Amazon Prime)  and The Little Girl Who Fought the Great Depression:  Shirley Temple and 1930s America.  And as soon as I can find it again I plan to finish The Explicit Gospel (which will also count as completing challenge number 11!)  Not bad considering it's just the 2nd of January.  ;)  

So what are your reading goals this year?  


Snickerdoodle Stew said...

Currently I'm reading through one of Liz Curtix Higgs' Scottish Historical Fiction books. I've recently bought the first book of the Outlander series and I'd really like to read the Divergent series before the next movie comes out. I also need to read through Shepherding a Child's Heart and a few others that have been collecting dust. ;)

Carol A said...

WOW!!! You weren't kidding when you said you were going to binge read! How could you have possibly read that much in less than two days with all the other things you have on your plate?!!!

Jessica said...

Haha pretty sure I started Explicit Gospel last January, never finished it, and was just thinking today I needed to pull that one back out. :) The books you've picked so far sound I must add to my pile of books I order from the library! :)