Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pier 7

I got the pleasure of testing Terra's Treasures new Pier 7 top pattern (which is also part of the Bundle Up Sale!)  Like all Terra's patterns is unique and cute!  

(you'll have to pardon my photos.  My photographer is the size of most 5 year olds and I didn't think to get her a stool!  lol)

It's hard to tell in my pictures/with the fabric I chose but there are 5 cute little pleats/pin tucks in the center of the bodice.  The bodice neckline has a facing that super easy to put in and several testers left off the flutter sleeves if those aren't your thing.
The bodice skirt can be gathered with shirring or with elastic and I think this would be totally adorable as a maternity shirt too!!!
The pattern is written for light weight, flowy woven fabric but I know at least one tester used knit fabric and her top was adorable!  

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Sugarplum Cuties said...

Kessa is a fantastic photog and you're a fantastic model! I adore you and your Pier 7 top!