Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Seville Cropped Cardigan (for free!!!)

Easter's coming up which usually means super cute dresses!  Super cute dresses that are all too often sleeveless....or short sleeved.  With Easter so early this year I'm betting on it being cold which means all those cute dresses are going to need a cute cardigan to go with them!

Terra's Treasures Seville Cropped Cardigan is perfect!  It's a super fast sew, it has elbow and long sleeve lengths, it comes in sizes6-12 months all the way to size 16, AND (here's the really good part!!!) if you go join the Terra's Treasures Designs Facebook group there's a coupon code to get it for FREE!!!!!!  Yup.  I said it.  FREE.

Kessa's is a straight size 7.  She picked a shirt from my t-shirt pile and I upcycled it for the front and back.  The amazing Horcruxe fabric is something I won from Affordable Fabrics and More (but you can still buy it here.)  

The weather was beautiful the day we took these pictures and Kessa had a lot of fun.  She kept telling me, "Mom, I need a book!  I'm Hermione!"  

I have one cut for Grace too but I haven't taken the time (all 20 minutes or so that it takes!  lol) to sew it up yet.  

Kessa says, "YOU should go get your Seville pattern while it's still free!!!"  (again, code to make it free is in the Terra's Treasures Designs facebook group.)

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