Thursday, April 7, 2016

Frolic Collection

It's been a while since I've shared something from My Little Plumcake but Michelle has been hard at work behind the scenes for months now preparing for the Frolic Capsule Collection!  

So, what is a capsule collection you ask?  It's a collection of patterns (five have currently been released with more coming -- including a few freebies!) that can all be mixed and matched to create a wardrobe full of basic staples.  Since all the patterns can be mixed and matched it saves you time and money!  

I've only made two of the patterns so far but I'm very excited about some more that are coming too!  

First up let me tell you about the Frolic Shorts.  They can be made from any number of woven fabrics, have a flat front waistband with simple little clean pleats, pockets and a cute curved leg hem. 

I did all my top stitching in a contrasting color to make it stand out a bit more.  

The top I paired with it is the Frolic Crop Top.  

The Frolic Crop Top is a simple, fast sew, fully lined, with buttons (or snaps if you're lazy like me!) down the back.  

The skirt and shorts are both designed to be slightly high waisted so that even with the crop top there is still good stomach coverage (although if you're like me and want to make sure it's all covered even when they're squirming and jumping just slap a tank under it.  I picked up several for my girls for like $1.69 each at Wal-Mart.)

Now, let's talk about this skirt.  Oh.My.Stars.  My girls wore these outfits for Easter and they're both in LOOOOVE with them.  I think it makes them feel extra feminine and fancy,  The skirts have a wide elastic waistband covered with soft knit.  The skirts themselves are layer after layer of fancy goodness.  

The cream and pink one has a lining, four layers of tulle, and then two layers of chiffon.  I did a rolled hem on my lining and chiffon but there are also instructions for a narrow hem if you don't have (or want to use) a serger.  

All of the fabric for the above outfit I picked up at Joanns.  The chiffon is NOT as high a quality as the purple that I got from another site.  I had a really hard time doing the rolled hem on it because it kept shredding.  I ended up roll hemming both layers together...which I wouldn't recommend...but hey, it worked!  lol 

 The fabric for Kessa's top is from Joanns but the chiffon I got from Stylish Fabric on etsy.  It's a GREAT quality and was surprisingly easy to work with (for chiffon).

The patterns all go from 18months to size 10...I know a lot of people wish they went to larger sizes but be sure and check the size charts too.  My (small) almost 10 year old wears a size 7 so we'll still get several more years out of these patterns!  

The other patterns in the capsule that have already been released are a jumpsuit (with a really unique design at the leg cuffs which makes it stand out from other jumpsuits around), and lined jacket pattern that looks cute with the skirt, the shorts, AND the jumpsuit. 

Now, if you made it ALL THIS WAY, I have a reward for you!!!  Coupons!!!  Sales!!!  WOOHOO!!! You can use the code CAPSULE (in the etsy shop)  for 20% off your purchase, or, if you're loving a bunch, you can use the code BUY2GET1 for (you guessed it didn't you?) buy 2 get 1 free!  lol.  

Be sure and share all your creations or ask any questions you might have in the facebook group!  

and just for laughs...I leave you with this little gem.  You're welcome.  


Sugarplum Cuties said...

Gorgeous girls and gorgeous sewing Gina! Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring us on your blog Gina!! Your talent is amazing!!