Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hedgey Christmas

I had two Sweetwater jelly rolls that were Christmas themed and I decided I wanted to make a quilt with them before Christmas.  I couldn't find anything I really loved made from jelly rolls though so I started sketching out ideas and sewing.  

I had some leftover Varsity fabrics (also by Sweetwater!) that I decided to use to make some Hazel Hedgehog blocks...because they're just too cute!!  

Zeke asked me to add glasses to one of them and he's since claimed it as his own (the hedgehog that is.  He tells everyone that the red hedgehog is him.  lol)  

This little tree on the left side of the quilt is a bit wonky and I embrace it but it wasn't planned...I found a missing strip that I forgot to sew in after I was done with it!  lol!!!  Oops.  Good thing I'm not a perfectionist!  ;) 

Stripey binding makes me swoon.  *heart eyes*

 The kids were a little excited that it was done and washed and ready for cuddles!!  (Zeke asked me last night when he was going to bed if I would finish binding it.  lol) oh!  I almost forgot.  It's backed with a fleece flat sheet so it's soooo cozy!!!!  

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