Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Girls Portlander Pants

I haven't been sewing much lately because home schooling has been taking up so much time...then throw baseball and softball into the mix and that's about all the hours in my day!  lol

When I saw Terra, the brains behind New Horizons Designs, post the tester call for these shorts though, they were so cute, and I knew they'd be a fast enough sew that even I could find time to finish them, and they wouldn't take a lot of fabric (not sewing much means I haven't been buying fabric and my stash is dwindling!)

The Girls Portlander Pants pattern includes sizes 12-18 months all the way up to a size 16!  I made my girls sizes 8 and 10.  There are also short and pant options, pocket options, and a drawstring option!  Let me tell you, the pockets and drawstrings really push this over the top!  That said, I went simple.  I didn't put pockets OR drawstrings on the three pairs I made for testing and they're still super cute and comfortable!  

These two pairs both have a simple knit body and a cotton/lycra blend waist.  The waist is a mid to high rise but you can always fold it over if you like it lower.  

I also decided the girls needed new tank tops to match so I whipped up the (FREE!!! SAY WHAT?!?!) Key West tank pattern (also from New Horizons) and then added some heat transfer designs that I cut with my silhouette.  Grace's (best seen in the second picture from the top) says "Pool Hair Don't Care" and just seemed very fitting for her, lol, and you can see Kessa's above.  If you click on the link for the tank you'll see that it says it's $7...hmm...I thought it was free!!!  So, to get it for free you'll need to head over to the New Horizons Facebook group and grab the coupon code in the pinned post.  The Key West actually has a TON of different options too, including a slim cut (like the two I made here), a more flowy style, multiple hem lines, racerback or regular tank, and there's a ladies version too!  

How about a few more pictures of more shorts?  This pair is made from sweatshirt fleece and also has a cotton/lycra waist.  Grace loves them and even wore them to softball practice the other night! 

Convinced?  They're on sale for $7 through 5/28 (and if you want the women's version too buy the bundle for only $14 right now!!  That means you get both pairs on sale!)