Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Do You Think? (fabric choices)

ETA - Ok, so I KNOW the bottom one is too girly, I just really love the damask print!  Anyway, how about throwing this one in with the top batch, makes it more "masculine" right?

So I'm making all the kids white duevet covers and I'm going to put ruffles on the girls and just a straight trim on Zeke's.  Since they're all sharing a room I wanted them to have stuff that coordinated but was still different....and not TOO girly.  Anyway, from this stack I was thinking the bottom one for Zeke's, the turquoise with red flowers for Grace's and the turquoise with white polka dots for Kessa's...and then maybe make them all pillows out of a red, or a white trimmed with red or something.  They'll probably all have the same pillows though.

The middle three here.  The pink and white polka dots, turquoise and white polka dots, and pink damask.
So, what do you think?  I know what I'm leaning towards but I'm always open to new ideas!  (or if you know of some other ideas I'd love to hear them too!)


Carol A said...

Ok, out of those two choices, definitely the top one. The bottom is TOO girly. The top, well, a little girly with the turquoise but offset with the red, not TOO much so. I think it will look great with red pillow covers...wouldn't go with white. That would be too much white I think. So what does Tim think? If it passes the not-too-girly test with him, then you have your answer!

Joni Kix said...

I love your choice of colors! It's going to be a beautiful room!