Monday, July 21, 2014

Mommy and Me! Bebelambs Style

I had been eyeing the Berkley pattern for a while but hadn't pulled the trigger and gotten it yet so when I heard that Lynn from Bebelambs was having a Mommy and Me style blog tour I jumped all over it.  For a while I was planning on making myself and the girls' maxi dresses.  I even bought enough fabric to do them all in maxi length but then at the last minute I decided I'd rather have a tunic to wear with leggings.  I'm thinking there might still be another one coming in maxi length though!  lol

Both the Berkley (the ladies pattern) and the Labri (the girls' pattern) are supposed to be reverse knot dresses.  The Berkley included directions for making the straps stationary.  The reverse knot is super cute (and much easier to make and get the fit right with!  lol) but none of us like big bows or knots that dig into our backs in the car.  The girls even make me untie sashes before they get buckled in.  Soo...with that in mind I used the instructions for the stationary straps on all of our dresses.  

I color blocked the bottom of Kessa's and Grace's has a wide exposed ruffle on the bottom of hers.   

My girls' think it is SOOO fun when they can match...and if mom matches too?!?!  It doesn't get much better than that in their books!  ( I feel like I need a #blessed here or something!  lol)

Our cross backs (mine has the opening too but I have a black bra that covers up that part on.)  And how 'bout those tan lines?!?  We love summer around here.  I was just telling Tim the other day I needed to get a different suit to mix up the tan lines a bit.

I know I'm biases, but seriously!!!!  How cute are my girls?!?!?
And some more just for fun...the boys and Pirate Kitty photobombed when we were done.  

Yup, that right there ^^^ pretty much sums up most of my days!  lol

And how about some outtakes just for fun?  (because you haven't seen enough pictures of me yet, right?  Right.  I thought not.) 

That right there ^^^ that's going on a video when she gets married one day!  lol

So, did you like my mommy and me styles?  Join the Bebelambs Blog tour and you'll get loads more "Mommy and Me" inspiration and you can even share your own looks too!!!  And you can use the coupon code mommyandme to get 20% of anything in the Bebelambs shop!  

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Lynn Owens said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! How cute are you and your girls!

Snickerdoodle Stew said...

These are adorable! And way to go with the selfcare sewing, Gina!