Sunday, July 27, 2014

Princess Mia Mora Cadenza

Better known as Cadence to her friends (and any of you mother's of My Little Pony lovers out there!)
You might remember a while back I posted a little bit about taking the girls to the My Little Pony Fair and Convention.  In addition to their "normal" clothes that I made them they each got a pony inspired outfit too...complete with ears, mane, horn and wings!  

(there are no words for this child...she is...special.  :p  And I love her!  lol)  I had some cutie marks that a friend had made for me and I used them on the arm and chest of Grace's.  I still have one more that she wants me to put on the rump too.  heheheeh.  

 (ignore the spot...she wore this all day and it has the stains to prove it.  lol)  I wanted something that was clearly the pony they loved but still comfy for everyday wear.  That meant it had to have wings.  My girls would NOT have been ok with a Princess Pony costume that didn't have wings (I mean...alicorns can fly, right?!?!)  But for me they had to fit in their car seats.  Pattern's for Pirates Wingman shirt to the rescue!

I modified the shape of the wings to make them more pony-like and then just kind of winged it for the main and ears.  I used part of a tutorial from Sugar Tart Crafts for the horn.  

I used the EYMM Calla Lily skirt and mashed it with the Wingman tee to form a dress.  It was a disaster to begin with and I had to cut it apart and add the turquoise band.  It looks a lot better now but I still like the Luna outfit I made Kessa better.

Overall I'm happy with how it turned out, Grace loves it, and my husband was looking at it today when Grace was sitting on his lap and commented on how "really cool" it was...and he doesn't hand out praise lightly!  I count that as a win!  lol

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