Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fall Style

What's that?  It's August and I have MORE fall sewing done?  No way!

I got lucky and got to test my first two patterns by Made for Mermaids last week and they're a hit!  I really love how they're both just solid staples for fall/winter.  

The Rose Ruffle shirt was released last week and is fantastic for layering or as a stand alone.  It comes in sizes 1/2 up to 14 and can be made with mid or full length sleeves.  It has a slimmer fit through the torso that makes it especially ideal for layering.  (The neck band has been lengthened to take care of the puckering that you see in my teal and gray striped top)

It also pairs PERFECTLY with the Hailey Ruffle pants that will be released this coming Tuesday!  Now let me tell you about these pants...these pants are SOOO cute.  AND they have a yoga waistband so your daughter will think they're super comfy.  AND they have a waist ruffle that almost looks like a ruffled undershirt.  AND they can be made in knit or woven for all pieces except the yoga waistband!

On this pair I used a woven for the pants and bottom ruffles and a cotton lycra knit for the waistband and waist ruffle.  

Saying "hi!" to Si.  They have nice full booty coverage too.  No plumbers crack here!  ;)

For this 2nd set I made I upcycled a shirt and used stretch lace for the sleeves on the top.

The pants and bottom ruffles are knit, as well as the waistband, and the waist ruffle is an awesome Wonder Woman woven fabric.  I love patterns that let me mix the fun woven fabrics I find in with my beloved (and comfy!) knits!   

Also, stretch lace is becoming a bit of an obsession for me.  I love it.  I'm going to be sad when it's too cold to use it and I feel I might start layering it over things at that point.  It's just so fun!  lol

See?!?!  HOW CUTE IS THAT LITTLE RUFFLE?!?!?!  Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!  Ok, that you're wishing away Monday so that you can buy this awesome pattern...I'm going to bed.  Night night!

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Amy Macdonald said...

LOVE the Wonder Woman! You already know how much I love the lace sleeves :D Thanks for linking up at CraftingCon!