Sunday, August 10, 2014

We've Got Spirit Yes We Do!

Last week was crazy busy for me.  Sunday my oldest turned 8, Wednesday my 3rd turned 5, Thursday - Saturday the whole family went to on a mini-vacation, Saturday was my husband and I's 11th anniversary and I had several pattern tests and custom orders to finish.  With all that on my plate I almost bowed out of testing Cole's Creations new Spirit Jacket.  

I'm SOOO glad I didn't!!!  This jacket is amazing!  It's so trendy and stylish right now and it's FAST.  I mean, like I'm pretty confident I'll be able to make them start to finish in less than an hour (including cutting!) at this point.  I have plans to do color-coded ones for all my kids as soon I can get the backs embroidered!  

(please tell me I'm not the only one with kids that do this all day every day?!?!  lol)  Anyway, the pattern is totally unisex, can be made with or without pockets (and the way the pockets are put in is really cool!) and comes in sizes 1/2 - 16!!!  You can use a variety of fabrics, including (but not limited to) flannel backed satin, faux leather, fleece, sweatshirt fleece, pointe and much more!  I used some gray sweatshirt scraps for the body of Zeke's jacket and I cut up one of my husband's OOOOOLLLLDDDD sweatshirts for the sleeves.  The bands are actually cotton lycra (ribbing is recommended, but the lycra worked ok.  I just HAD to have stripes  lol)

Oh, and if you're making one for a girl (or a boy with a doll), just a little heads up, Cole's Creations has matching 15" and 18" doll patterns for ALL their patterns.  You can find the matching Dolly Spirit Jacket here.  

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Amy said...

That looks awesome Gina! You always do such great work!