Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As Promised...

Well if you're from around here this lo needs no explanation...however if not I can just see some of you furrowing your brows wondering where the taco is! Here in Mt. Carmel we have a restaurant called Taco Tierra and it is almost more foundational to this town that football (ALMOST.) They have great food and are most famous for their drinks. Now, no one seems to know WHY their sodas are so great but I have heard a rumor that they put an addictive substance in it so you HAVE to keep coming back. lol. I'm pretty sure you're not officially a citizen of our little town unless you have at LEAST one Taco come-back cup. They're huge and its only 75 cents to have them filled up. Anyway...that's a Taco cup Kessa is carrying around in the photos. Everything on this page except for the bling is from the Addicted Scrappers Sunshine and Popsicles kit. I also did some doodling with paint pens and the bling is CTMH. It was just individual jewels and I shaped them into a heart around the Taco cup. Night all!

P.S. Taco even has a facebook group called Taco Tierra Addicts with close to 1000 members!!! Check it out here.

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Jessica said...

adorable pg.! she looks so cute in those pics! TFS!