Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moving and More

Moving is always fun, right?  So having three kids and being pregnant with number four makes it four times as fun!  lol.  Really it's not bad at all...except I feel like a bad mom and like I'm neglecting them as they sit around and watch PBS and I pack.
But WHY do I feel guilty?

Is it really because watching a lot of tv for one or two days is going to ruin them for life?
Is it because they're learning things I don't want them to learn?
Is it because there are things they could be doing that are better for them?

Because those would all be good reasons...but I'm fairly certain I just feel guilty about it because somewhere along the way I've picked up the idea that "good" moms, "godly" moms, don't let their kids watch tv hardly ever. Now, don't get me wrong.  I think that TV should be VERY limited...because they could be playing, interacting with each other, using their imaginations, and so much more, but I also have to remind myself that sometimes, especially at this stage in life, I have to let go of the expectations of perfect, or even ideal for that matter.

God is gracious and I'm pretty sure that a few days like this every now and then aren't going to permanently hurt my children.  And if you think they will...well....please don't leave me a comment saying so!  lol ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blessed Are the Peacemakers...

After reading Meg's post on fighting I was prompted to record some thoughts I had at Bible Study last night. 
(we're doing a Precept Upon Precept study of Matthew) God convicted me greatly over "Blessed are the peacemakers."
Because I am weary of being a peacemaker between my children. I don't want to do it. I often expect them to deal with...which is sinful on my part. 
Random thoughts I jotted down last night during the lecture:
  • Don't just endure being their peacemaker...desire it.
  • See it as an opportunity to be blessed (see Mat. 5)
  • Use it to point them to Christ and their need of the cross 
  • Be reminded myself of the True Peacemaker
  • Don't expect them to know how to be peaceful, they're 1, 3, and 4 year old little sinners for pete's sake!
  • Rejoice over the opportunity to teach them
  • Remember that I WANT to be the one teaching them about being peaceful...because if I don't the world will be teaching them to think only of themselves.
  • They aren't born knowing how, or WHY for that matter, to be peaceful. They're born with tiny selfish hearts and every fight, every outburst of anger, every fit, I should view as another opportunity to point them to Christ and their need of the cross. 
  • To remind them (and myself!) that we do have hearts of stone and we can't be kind and loving on our own...BUT because of God's great love, he'll take away our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh.

Do I do this? No. Not often. My oldest is 4 and I'm due with # 4 in a few weeks and rarely do I see all the fights and fits in this light. I grow weary and lose sight of the cross...but God is faithful.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trying out Copics

Our mid-month reveal is up at AWDML!  The featured manufacture is Copics...which I was am not at ALL comfortable with.  lol.  I kept trying to figure out ways I'd actually use them, because let's be honest, I'm not the type to sit down and color in lots of images with them...

So for this card I used them to color match my ribbon and stick pins to the patterned paper I was using (both the ribbon and the pins were originally white.)  I'm happy with the results!

And if you follow me on Tumblr or facebook you know that I've been doing some serious drooling over quilts lately and have plans (and fabric!) to start on some too.  Well...apparently all the quilt blog visiting is effecting my brain..and my scrapping!  lol.  This was a great way to use up some scraps though!

Here again I used the Copics to color match the lace and doily to the rest of the LO and I also used them to color the pearls green.  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lily Bee Blast From the Past

I know I've proclaimed my undying love for Lily Bee before, but it's true.  I can't believe I'm going to share this, because I'm certainly not holding my breath about making it, but they're having a Design Team Call and I'm going to give it a go.  I ordered some new papers to play with because I had used up almost every last scrap that I had (plus, is that not a good reason to go buy new scrap goodies?!?  lol)  

So, while I'm not going to show you anything new yet, I thought it might be fun to go back and see some of the work I've done with Lily Bee papers in the past!

and a few minis...

This one won 3rd place in a Lily Bee can see the rest of the album here. 

And one I made for Zeke's golden birthday that you can see here.  

And hopefully I'll have some more fun stuff to share in the next few days!  :)


Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Card Set

Just wanted to pop in and share a set of cards that made for the blog over at AWDML today.

You can see the post here (and if you're signed up for the newsletter from AWDML be watching for a step-by-step tutorial on the flowers!)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just Popping In...

I just thought I'd pop in and share the LOs I did as examples for my challenges for the Birthday Bash Crop we had over the weekend at AWDML.

First I had this little number...about my baby girl's sassy spunky personality...

and another one with a picture of Grace and I (*gasp*  I know!  I'm IN a picture!  lol)

and now I'm off to get some DT work done and then see what I can get packed.  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Forget...

A Walk Down Memory Lane is turning EIGHT and we're ready to celebrate!!!!!!!!  

and just for about some sneaks of my example LOs for my challenges?

I had a lot of fun with both these challenges and I you'll come over and crop with us!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY Flowers

Today was my day to cover the blog at A Walk Down Memory Lane and since we're talking flowers all month I thought I'd do a little video on making a few different types of paper flowers.

and here are a few projects using the same type of flowers I showed you how to make:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have I Mentioned...

that I love punches?  I'm pretty sure I may have mentioned it...ya know...once or twice.  But it's true.  I really do love punches...which is one of the reasons I'm SOOO excited to be able to share that I've been asked to join the Just Imagine Crafts/Kreations Punches design team!!!  Their punches are very unique because when you order one it comes with several different plates that allow you to you that same punch as a single punch, border punch, corner punch and several other ways as well!!


I also want to say a big congrats to all the other gals on the team, I look forward to creating with you!!!