Friday, February 26, 2016

Made for Mermaids has a super cute new pattern out called the Blair top.  Now, I did the most simple version.  Tunic length.  Plain hem.  Nothing fancy.  It's super cute and I did it in sweatshirt fleece so it's extra warm and cozy and my girls love it but it really doesn't do this pattern justice.  

(my yummy sweatshirt fleece is from Mel at Purpleseamstress Fabric.) 

(Grace wanted a picture with Zane too.  Who is wearing some flannel lined Captain Comfy Jeans from Patterns for Pirates.)  

Ok, back to the Blair top.  It's a loose fitting, v-neck, raglan top with 3 different sleeve lengths and a TON of hem options.  There is the plain jane tunic length with nothing fancy like I did, but there is also a Rainbow hem, a high low hem, a curved hem, and options for lace edging, single ruffle, or double ruffle on all those hems as well!

 Because of the fit you can use a WIDE variety of knits for the bodice, from a heavier one (like my sweatshirt fleece) to something more light and flowy.  The ruffles look amazing in light wovens with good drape (think lining fabric, chiffon, lace, etc.)

And the V-neck?  Don't be scared!  The directions are super simple and take you through it step by step.  All of mine looked great (in my humble opinion.  lol!)

So, the girls Blair (from 1/2 all the way to a 14) is on sale right now for just $7!!!  (If you need one for you, the Ladies Blair is also on sale for $7 currently, OR you can buy the bundle and get the girls and ladies both for only $10!!!)

(I should also note that the length on Grace's top is off a little, it was lengthened during testing.)

So, go forth, buy, and sew!!!!  :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Me Hearties!

I have a few pattern designers that I simply adore and never go wrong with.  Judy, from Patterns for Pirates, is one.  

This new Me Hearties pattern (and the matching mama Sweetheart Dress) are a home run!!!!  

This pattern comes in sizes 3 months up to a girls 14!  It has peplum and dress lengths, short, long, and 3/4 length sleeves, options for FOE or regular knit binding and options for the sweetheart bodice (as seen in both of mine) or a regular solid front and back.  

It also has instructions for a full lace overlay (look at some of the tester photos in the pattern listing.  They're beautiful!!!) 

I love that this pattern can be dressed up or down depending on accessories and fabric choices.  

Kessa getting two of these was actually a happy mistake.  I had cut the Jack panel (below) and Kessa really wanted the lace so I cut it for the top and....they did NOT look good together.  Well...They matched but they looked a bit...ahhh...hoochy, shall we say?!?!  hahahah!!!  Totally not appropriate for my nine year old!  

So, I found new fabric and simple ended up making two and I'm so glad I did!  I love both of them.  

And with just regular knits it's totally cute, comfy, and casual!  

(she was freezing and having a rather hard time modeling for me when we took these pictures.  I'm such a mean sewing blogger mom.  :p )

I did modify the circle skirt on this one by cutting two 1/2 circles instead of one solid circle since my Jack fabric is somewhat directional.  This way the large Jack heads aren't upside down.  

Oh, and for those of you without a serger, have no fear!  I made ALL of the zebra top on my regular sewing machine (well, except the hem.  I used my coverstitch for that but that's just because I'm lazy.  You can totally hem on your regular machine!)  

I dropped the ball on getting my blog post up so these patterns aren't still on sale BUT if you want the mama and girl versions you can always buy the bundle and save some money!

Also, there will be a site wide sale code released soon but you need to run over to the main site and sign up for the newsletter because that's where it will be released.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Warm and Stylish!

This is the 3rd year that Kessa Bear has been wearing the same $20 Walmart coat...and it still fits.  However, it was once white and now it's...not.  No matter how much I wash it.  So we decided it would be a play coat and we'd get her a new coat for when she needed to NOT look homeless.

So...we went shopping.  She didn't like anything.  So she looked through my coat patterns and picked the P51 Flyer Jacket by Terra's Treasures.
So then we picked out fabrics and I got to work!  I'm honestly not sure what the outer fabric is.  I picked it up at Joanns.  It's a heavy weight and I'm pretty sure it's water resistant but I have no idea what the fabric content is or anything.  I didn't think to look when I bought it.  Oops.  

It's lined with soft flannel (also from Joanns) and it has a hidden layer of flannel as well because I wanted it to be nice and warm.  

Now, a couple things about this pattern.  This is the 2nd time I've made it (you can see the first one here...and Zane is wearing it this year!  yay for hand me downs!) and it was MUCH easier than the first time I made it but it's definitely NOT a beginner pattern.  I made some silly mistakes and the fact that I didn't get my zipper/edges lined up drives me crazy but those are  my mistakes and have nothing to do with the pattern.  

One thing that I've done on BOTH of the jackets I've made from this though is sew the 2nd pocket in backwards (so it faces the side seam instead of the zipper.)  This isn't something you can tell by looking at it and by the time I'd realized it it was too late to fix.  I have figured out WHY I did it twice though and I'll give you a heads up in case you decide to give this jacket a try (because let's face it, it's darn cute!!!)  

The pattern gives easy step by step instructions for the first pocket and then says "repeat steps for other pocket" (or something like that.)  IF you do exactly the same thing your pocket faces the same way.  You have to mirror all the directions.  Maybe I'm just slow but I thought I'd mention it in case it could save anyone else from making the same mistake!  lol  

The contrasting top-stitching really takes this a step up in my opinion.  Don't skip the top stitching!!  (Also, please note that this is a size 8 because I wanted Kessa to be able to wear it next year too...I probably should have stuck with a 7 and it still would have been plenty big enough next year!  lol)  

So there ya have it!  We both love it!  Another win for Terra's Treasures!