Friday, February 26, 2016

Made for Mermaids has a super cute new pattern out called the Blair top.  Now, I did the most simple version.  Tunic length.  Plain hem.  Nothing fancy.  It's super cute and I did it in sweatshirt fleece so it's extra warm and cozy and my girls love it but it really doesn't do this pattern justice.  

(my yummy sweatshirt fleece is from Mel at Purpleseamstress Fabric.) 

(Grace wanted a picture with Zane too.  Who is wearing some flannel lined Captain Comfy Jeans from Patterns for Pirates.)  

Ok, back to the Blair top.  It's a loose fitting, v-neck, raglan top with 3 different sleeve lengths and a TON of hem options.  There is the plain jane tunic length with nothing fancy like I did, but there is also a Rainbow hem, a high low hem, a curved hem, and options for lace edging, single ruffle, or double ruffle on all those hems as well!

 Because of the fit you can use a WIDE variety of knits for the bodice, from a heavier one (like my sweatshirt fleece) to something more light and flowy.  The ruffles look amazing in light wovens with good drape (think lining fabric, chiffon, lace, etc.)

And the V-neck?  Don't be scared!  The directions are super simple and take you through it step by step.  All of mine looked great (in my humble opinion.  lol!)

So, the girls Blair (from 1/2 all the way to a 14) is on sale right now for just $7!!!  (If you need one for you, the Ladies Blair is also on sale for $7 currently, OR you can buy the bundle and get the girls and ladies both for only $10!!!)

(I should also note that the length on Grace's top is off a little, it was lengthened during testing.)

So, go forth, buy, and sew!!!!  :)

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