Saturday, June 28, 2014

Harry Potter Month

I'm scraping in by the skin of my teeth for Crafting Con (and Crafting Con)  this month!

As I mentioned here, this month's theme is Harry Potter.  I took quite a while deciding what I wanted to do.  (Just as a reminder items made for Crafting Con are supposed to be inspired by the theme but something you'd still wear to the grocery store; not a full on costume.)

At some point it struck me that...I have four children....and there are four houses at Hogwarts....and THEN someone mentioned the Sorting Hat at Pottermore so I had my 3 oldest take the test and when they all got sorted into different houses my choice was made!  The youngest would be placed into the fourth house and they would all get clothes inspired by the house they were in.

Now, some of the outfits have quite a bit of detail so I decided to give each one their own post.  I figured if I didn't there would end up being about 100 pictures in one post and really..that's just too much!  lol.  I'll start with those tomorrow.  Today I'm going to share a quick overview of them and the (horrible) pictures that I was able to get of more than one at a time.

These four brave wizards and witches had quite the adventure today and I just happened to have caught some of it!  After it was all over they were just cool and chill but....

earlier that day

they'd been out on the grounds doing some Herbology homework....

or watching over other people's shoulders trying to not do any work for themselves.... 

and then they followed a mysterious message that led them straight to the Forbidden Forest!  

They had to stick together and learn to trust each other even when they didn't get along...

Once they made it out of the forest they struggled a bit with their Patronus charms....but as luck would have it they were able to make a quick escape anyway!  

The ever studious Ravenclaw bewitched a 4 Wheeler...

and then she and her friendly Hufflepuff rode off while still battling the Forces of Evil that pursued them!

Then somewhere along the way they picked up the Slytherin and Gryffindor boys too!!!  (He's getting a trap set, being all brave and fearless!)  

Once it was all over they rested and comforted each other and took the rest of the day off!   

Be sure to come back for close ups and details on all the clothes!  (I made everything except the jeans that are part of the Gryffindor outfit.)
I'll also link them up to this post once they're all up.


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Ren said...

Ah! I love them! Can't wait to see the details!!!